Marine quality bungee cords

Drawing on its experience in the aeronautical sector, SANDOW TECHNIC has developed a range of high-performance marine-grade shock cords, reviving ancient know-how in boating.

Originally, the range was called SANDOW YACHTING and included stainless steel and plastic fastening solutions for sailing. After balancing, a range of adjustable shock cords allowed for a more comfortable sail.

Stainless-steel products for better abrasion resistance complete the range of sail ties with balls, used on certain boats and yachts. Hooks are also an important part on shock cords, which require careful consideration of how they will be used.

Sandow Technic has developed technical solutions for mooring, anchoring and towing boats, as well as wave dampers, load return, port and oil infrastructures, and seismic data acquisition.

Other assemblies are used to test turbines in the laboratory, enabling them to be placed in free-free configuration, to guarantee frequency absorption.

EXTRA FLEXIBLE SHOCK CORDS in polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene. Elastic cables with a high elongation of up to 300%, or to meet special strength and environmental requirements (temperature, sea salt, chemicals, fire, etc.).

CONDUCTIVE or ELECTRIC SHOCK CORDS: Elastic cables with wire-braided accessories for conductivity or data transfer, guaranteeing mechanical characteristics and persistence.

SHOCK CORDS resistant to high temperature variations (-60° to +220°) or to friction and abrasion made of aramid (Kevlar, Kermel, Vectran, Technora, etc.)

FIREPROOF SHOCK CORDS certified to aerospace, automotive, rail and industrial standards.

Sandow Technic develops custom solutions for shock cords, straps and nets. Our design office works upstream to define customer requirements using CAD, or downstream to validate the solution identified and integrate the product’s mechanical characteristics.

All our certified products meet the highest quality standards in any demanding or extreme environment.

A wide range of products in different lengths, diameters, materials (polyester, stainless steel, nylon, rope, etc.) and colours (white, black, etc.) are available from stock or by special order.

Our shock cords have multiple applications:




Shock absorption or stop


Load return

Propulsion, catapulting

Frequency or swell absorption

Our range of SHOCK CORDS also includes a range of STRAPS and NETS specially designed for the marine sector.

Contact our engineering department for help in defining your product and to learn about our customer feedback.