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Assemblies are not exhaustive - other assemblies possible on request

Made-to-measure straps

ELASTIC or rigid polypropylene, polyester, cotton or PVC straps in widths from 8 to 120 mm, with a wide variety of fastening systems (copper, steel, stainless steel, plastic): we can study and design any type of assembly to our customers’ specifications, to design the right product for you, for long-term use. We’ll produce a custom strap to your specific requirements, whether it’s a lifting strap, a stowing strap or any other type of professional strap.

You want to order in 100-metre reels, or you want to order straps for securing or lifting, contact us.

Request for a quote

For a specific assembly, please complete the steps below (length, choice of strap, choice of end-fitting) in order to receive your personalized quote.



All our straps are made in France and certified to aeronautical standards, enabling us to safely secure several tons of cargo according to our customers’ specifications. We also sell cargo nets for transport and logistics. Other webbing products with accessories such as lifting slings, for example, can be custom-made to facilitate handling.

Straps and webbing can be woven to customers width specifications (width 8 mm to 120 mm). They can be elastic or rigid, high-strength, made of aramid (Kevlar, etc.), rot-proof, hydrocarbon-resistant, abrasion-proof, fire-resistant, self-tearing or any other technical requirements.

Depending on the type (lashing, washing, etc.), straps can be supplied on a reel or assembled with metal end fittings (loops, clevises, buckles, hooks, daN webbing, clips, etc.), plastic (quick-release buckles, double loops, etc.) or overmoulded (plastic clevises, etc.) according to customer specifications. Seams can be highly resistant and self-tearing to meet the needs of violent shock absorption.

HEATPROOF STRAPS, heat-resistant and flame-retardant, certified flame-proofed to aeronautical, automotive, railway and industrial standards.

  • FAR 25.853 certification
  • MVSS302 certification
  • ADB0031 certification
  • And other standards


ARAMIDE, KEVLAR STRAPS UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant, salt spray-resistant, washable, rot-proof, waterproof, etc.

Under normal, controlled conditions of use, we guarantee the reliability of our products and straps, whatever the load.

Custom straps technical stitching (reinforced, secured, cross or zigzag), embroidery, screen-printed, sublimation printing, mixed materials in the same assembly… of any length and width, of any colour (black, white, etc., with stripes, squares, etc.), or any assembly.

Laser cutting, hot/cold cutting, drilling, ultrasonic welding, crimping and other thermoplastic assemblies: we master all these skills. These straps are made in our sewing workshops with reliable expertise and experience.

All products can be certified to our customers’ standards.
SANDOW TECHNIC is committed to designing the best product, for your needs, in the best conditions and the shortest possible lead times.


  • All our technical products are tested after manufacture. Each part may also be inspected after assembly.
  • Controlled, custom manufacturing process with batch identification and workshop performance monitoring.
  • High-performance quality process: testing, FDD, FDF/ Control and management of traceability documents: FAI.
  • Traceability and monitoring of our suppliers: certificates of material, origin and means.
  • 20-year traceability on our products.
  • Tried and tested products: breakage test, temperature test.