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Whatever you need to suspend, attach, throw, dampen or stow, SANDOW TECHNIC develops custom solutions for elastic cable, professional shock cords of any diameter, to meet our customers’ specifications. Our teams of technicians can get you a quality product in the shortest possible time.

A shock cord is an elastic cable comprised of:

  • A rubber (latex) or multi-filament polymer core,
  • A braided or knitted sheath of varying quality yarns,
  • An end-piece (hook, tied loop, thimble, crimped tube, etc.) at either end.


Shock cords have numerous mechanical characteristics (strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, etc.).
Shock cords are also known as “bungee cords”, “elastic cables”, “elastic rope”.

Standard-quality shock cords or elastic cables with diameters from 2 to 20mm, offer 100% stretch and are available in a range of textile braiding: cotton, polyamide, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene. The outer sheath is usually braided, but may also be knitted.

Braiding is the technique used to manufacture the outer protective sheath of shock cords. Braiding consists of covering a multi-strand core made of natural latex, synthetic rubber, or various polymers… in a variety of colours and patterns: zebra, jacquard, rounded, etc. with colour markings, squares, continuous lines, waves. Any pattern, colour or length is available on request.

Available in custom sizes, from a few centimetres to several meters, mounted with all types of end fittings, all our bungee cords are made, tested and certified in France, and have a long service life, depending on the end application.

Crimping, tying and overmoulding can be carried out with steel or plastic hooks, lugs and ferrules. This process produces Sandow’s finished shock cord products.

SANDOW shock cord assemblies with:

  • Hooks,
  • Loops,
  • Carabiners,
  • Lugs,
  • Stainless steel tubes,
  • Rings,
  • Shackles,
  • Strings,
  • Chains or any other attachments.


Made of plastic, galvanized steel, brass or stainless steel for all diameters from 1 mm to 40 mm, with overmoulded assembly available on certain parts.

For the ligature assembly process, our specific know-how ensures linearity, repeatability and complete traceability of the manufacturing process.

Sandow AVIA is a range of technical shock cords compliant with ASNA0243 aerospace industry standards. Its elastic force is guaranteed as a function of its diameter and elongation (=100%). Diameter from 4 mm to 40 mm with resistance from 1 to + 700 daN.

  • Guaranteed linearity, repeatability and longevity
  • Compliant with B.S. (British Standards) and U.S. Mil Specs standards.


Tested and certified, our shock cords are guaranteed for optimum use and a controlled service life depending on the end use. SANDOW TECHNIC is committed to linear and repeatable ranges and products, so any shock cord, strap or net assembly can be remanufactured to order.

Our shock cords have multiple applications:

  • Attachment,
  • Suspension,
  • Propulsion,
  • Dampening,
  • Stowing,
  • Mooring,
  • Shock absorption or stop,
  • Load return,
  • Frequency absorption.


For a bungee cord of one or more metres, in any colour (black, white or others), resistant, high-performance and made in France, consult our product ranges.

Other specific applications are covered by the confidentiality of exchanges with our customers. If you would like more information about bungee cords for your application, contact the Sandow Technic technical team directly. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and suggest the right product for your needs, with fast delivery.

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