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Technical shock cords

The SANDOW TECHNIQUE range is designed, tested and certified to our customers’ specifications, with know-how in braiding, weaving and highly resistant assemblies. All technical elastic products are made to measure: you choose the length, assembly with hook, carabiner or other fittings, right down to the choice of straps.

In addition to the standard ranges developed above, our technical shock cords are available in Aramid, Kevlar, fibreglass, Technora and other technical yarns.

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Shock cords have numerous mechanical characteristics (strength, elongation, fireproof, abrasion resistance, etc.) but also:

  • Heat resistance and flame retardancy,
  • Waterproofing,
  • Flameproofing, IR reflectance,
  • Waterproofing,
  • Rot-proof treatment,
  • Abrasion resistance,
  • Dyeing,
  • Printing,
  • Sublimation printing.


The mechanical characteristics of bungee cords are optimized to meet specifications: strength, elongation, stiffness, resistance, frequency absorption, return capacity (hysteresis).

Specific characteristics are adjusted according to the properties required:

  • Flexibility and elongation of over 300%
  • Resistance: load, hydrocarbons, abrasion, friction
  • Environmental conditions: temperature, sea salt, chemical agents, etc.
  • Temperature variation: cold or heat
  • Fireproof or self-extinguishing
  • Anti-vibration and frequency absorption
  • Conductivity
  • Self-locking
  • Resistant to fire, extreme conditions and deformation, shock cords can be the ideal solution to a specific need, guaranteeing linearity, repeatability and longevity.


For every need, we have a custom solution. Our design office can help you define your product:

After identifying the technical specifications with the purchasing or R&D department, your bungee cord is designed, tested and developed.

A wide range of products has been developed to meet our customer’s technical specifications.

EXTRA FLEXIBLE SHOCK CORDS with a high elongation of up to 300%, or to meet special strength and environmental requirements (temperature, sea salt, chemicals, fire, etc.).

CONDUCTIVE SHOCK CORDS: bungee cord braided with conductive yarn while guaranteeing the product’s mechanical characteristics and persistence.

SHOCK CORDS resistant to high temperature variations (-60° to +220°) or to friction and abrasion made of aramid (Kevlar, Kermel, Vectran, Technora, etc.)

Range of certified bungee cords guaranteeing frequency absorption.

FIREPROOF SHOCK CORDS certified to aerospace, automotive, rail and industrial standards.

  • FAR 25.853 certification
  • MVSS302 certification
  • ADB0031 certification
  • And other standards


RING SHOCK CORDS for the aerospace industry, guaranteeing enhanced pull-out strength and attachment insulation.

These certifications enable us to guarantee the quality of our bungee cords and other products.


  • We work with other companies in the materials and extrusion markets, such as Saint-Gobain, to design a new polymer that is even more resistant while preserving the mechanical characteristics of latex.
  • Certification with CETIM to automate and robotize industrial processes and unique workshop know-how.
  • Collaboration with a design office and laboratory on the dynamic characterization of our ranges. For more information, contact us



SANDOW TECHNIC has developed recognised quality expertise in the space, aeronautics and automotive industries. Our performance is regularly monitored by our customers, and the results are published (see: supplier score card On Time Delivery (OTD) and Supplier Non-Conformance Rate (SNCR)).

For over 20 years, our manufacturing process and workshop performance have been monitored by our ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications which guarantee quality control and traceability. All products are tried and tested on request, undergoing a series of breaking, friction, strength, temperature and fire tests, to demonstrate the quality of our shock cords, and our straps and nets.

Sandow Technic sets the same high standards for its suppliers: Material certificates, tracking of origin and resources, linearity and repeatability of the manufacturing process, and compliance with REACH and ROHS regulations are prerequisites for any collaboration.