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Made-to-measure nets

SANDOW TECHNIC offers a wide range of professional safety nets to your dimensions, reinforced, fire-resistant, certified and available in all lengths, widths and mesh sizes. Assembled according to customers’ technical specifications: cargo nets, stop and safety nets, or for a wide variety of professional uses.


SANDOW TECHNIC offers a wide range of custom professional protection nets, in all dimensions (length, width) and mesh sizes, for professional use in protection, safety, vehicle interior fittings and transport. For each product, we offer a wide choice of materials, dimensions, finishes and accessories. All products are made and certified in France.

Our nets are made in France, as are all the products listed on our website.

Elastic netting: custom netting made with our standard range of shock cords from 2 to 8 mm in diameter.
Rigid rope netting, made of natural or synthetic materials, finished with or without knots.

  • Polyamide,
  • Polyester,
  • Polyethylene,
  • Polypropylene,
  • Kevlar,

They can be assembled with a variety of end caps: plastic, metal, overlock, PVC tape with or without eyelets.

Elastic netting: flexible, resistant, elastic polypropylene netting, mass-treated or not, with precise weight, available in 20 mm mesh and adaptable to any container.

Braided netting: A strong, lightweight product, woven netting is used for vehicle interior fittings or storage applications, and to protect objects or people from falling. Made from polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide or polyester, its square or hexagonal meshes can be produced in all formats, lengths and widths, and with different mesh sizes from micro mesh to very large mesh.

Knotted netting in a wide choice of meshes, materials and colours: knotted netting can have any mesh size, to meet our customers’ required specifications.

Webbing: SANDOW TECHNIC makes custom webbing from all strap widths, to your dimensions, with any type of finish: eyelets, PVC, connecting buckles, etc.

Cargo net: according to certifications in force.

Frame-mounted net: in steel, raw or painted finish of any size or quantity, SANDOW TECHNIC can make your net to measure.

All nets have tough, reinforced mesh.

SANDOW TECHNIC is committed to designing the best product, for your needs, in the best conditions and the shortest possible lead times. Contact our engineering department for help in defining your product and to learn about our customer feedback.

For more information on our netting or other products, contact our experts directly.